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Cairo Covenant School is a K-12th grade international Christian school located in Cairo, Egypt. The locals affectionately call Cairo “Om ed-Dunya,” which in Arabic means “Mother of the World.”  Home to one of the oldest civilizations on earth, Egypt shelters a growing number of Third Culture Kids (TCK), the children of a thriving expatriate community.  

Third Culture Kids are children who grow up outside their parents’ home culture (Polluck & Van Reken, 2009).  At Cairo Covenant School, our dedicated faculty seeks to provide a supportive educational environment that challenges our students to impact their world for Christ.

Cairo Covenant School welcomes Christian families from many cultural and denominational backgrounds. Since 1994, the school has served families from all around the world, including countries such as Korea, South Africa, Pakistan, England, Canada, the United States, Sudan, Poland, and Egypt.  The rich cultural diversity among our families is one of our strengths, and it is readily felt around the school through the strong and consistent parental involvement in the CCS community.


Cairo Covenant School exists to provide quality international Christian education that equips Third Culture students to impact their world for Christ.

We purpose to educate students academically, culturally, and spiritually with a Christian worldview through a biblically integrated educational program which challenges them to influence their world.

In the Cairo Covenant School’s educational program, administration and teachers partner with parents to instill Christ-centered core values that endeavor

1. to achieve academic excellence that values

1.1. innovative, creative learning.

1.2. critical thinking.

1.3. life-long learning.

1.4. individual responsibility and teamwork.

1.5. effective communication through writing, speaking, reading, and listening.

1.6. active intellectual contribution in society.

2. to celebrate cultural diversity that

1.1. values a global perspective and understanding.

1.2. appreciates different cultures.

1.3. fosters resilience and adaptability.

1.4. encourages a love for languages with the desire to communicate cross-culturally.

3. to develop spiritual growth that displays

1.1. a desire to know God and to obey His will.

1.2. an ability to think within a Biblical framework.

1.3. a lifestyle of prayer and faith.

1.4. Christ-like character.

1.5. a passion for evangelism.

1.6. a heart of service and stewardship within the body of Christ and the larger community.


Core Values

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